Residents want city to fulfill promise of more outdoor space

Residents in Williamsburg and Greenpoint say the city has not fulfilled its promise of more outdoor space at Bushwick Inlet Park.
Ten years ago, the Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park say the city agreed to convert part of the waterfront as green space in exchange for building two residential towers.
A decade later, the group says there is still no development.
Once developed, the community organization says there will be amenities, such as kayaking and running trails.
In a statement the city said, "NYC Parks continues to take substantive steps toward the completion of Bushwick Inlet Park, which will bring more public green space to the Williamsburg-Greenpoint waterfront."
Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park have held events to raise awareness and held a meeting with the mayor over the summer. They say they will continue to be vocal until there are shovels in the ground.