Respiratory therapist says home remedies helped him overcome COVID-19

A respiratory therapist who contracted the coronavirus says home remedies helped him overcome the virus. 
Raeburn Firweather says the coronavirus kept him from Maimonides Medical Center at a time when he said they needed him the most. 
"Now I understand why the people did what they did on 9/11. I don't want to be called hero, I just want to do my job,” said Firweather. 
However, he needed to get better before he could get back inside the hospital as an essential worker. As he recovered in his Canarsie home, he says he turned to home remedies, saying his Caribbean punch couldn’t hurt. 
"I have no medical proof, but these are things that we've learned from our grandparents and yes why not?” said Firweather. 
He says around he drank about an ounce in the morning and another at night. The drink consists of garlic, ginger, honey and lemon juice. 
"I believe that's what helped me,” said Firweather. 
After three days without a fever, he says he returned to work to fight a different battle. 
 "I want to go in there to serve the people to be part of the team because I just feel if I'm not there, there's something probably missing that if I'm not going. I could contribute,” said Firweather.