Restaurant owners rally outside City Hall demanding indoor dining capacity be increased to 50%

Restaurants across the city banded together Monday to push for Congress to pass the Restaurant Act.
Restaurant owners voiced their demands at a rally outside City Hall Monday.

The group chanted “what's the plan?” and “25% is not enough.” They say allowing only 25% of indoor dining will not keep their restaurants afloat. They say they are demanding action from the federal government.
They say 25% capacity is only a fraction of what's needed for their restaurants to survive. They are demanding indoor dining be increased to 50% capacity.
The group is also calling on Congress to pass the Restaurant Act. They estimate without it four out of five restaurants in the city may never reopen again.
Many struggling restaurants say they are barely making ends meet, and they need at least 50% of indoor dining to keep their eateries open.
Many restaurants are concerned with fall approaching outdoor dining will be impossible to bring in customers. They say the city, state and federal governments need to step in and help this major industry.