Revel, city officials announce first Superhub EV charging station coming to Port Morris

The announcement is said to build on Rep. Torres’ goal to reduce air pollution in the city.

News 12 Staff

Jul 24, 2023, 4:28 PM

Updated 305 days ago


A new partnership between Revel, elected officials, and community environmental justice groups will bring the first public electric vehicle charging stations to the Bronx.  
The initiative is focusing on fighting back against the climate crisis by bringing an electric charging hub to Port Morris. It will feature 20 fast public charging stalls that can charge an electric vehicle within 20 minutes to reduce air pollution, high asthma rates and other health conditions.  
“Public health is not necessarily about the choices that we make as individuals, it is about the conditions in which we live,” said Rep. Ritchie Torres.  
Co-founder and CEO or Revel, Frank Reig, says the Bronx is the epicenter of environmental injustice, adding that they will secure more economic opportunities in the borough for multiple generations.  
Revel and local leaders say that they are starting the push to ensure that the future of New York City will be electric and plan to invest in other high-volume charging stations, but some residents are not as supportive of the cause.  
“I feel like we don’t have the proper support for electric vehicles,” said local resident Eric. “I feel that natural gas is the best energy we can possibly use… it's kind of hypocritical in a way to say you want to go fully electric but you still need natural gas to power the electric grid." 
Completion of the charging hub is expected to be done in around one year. 

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