Ride-hailing app for pets and owners comes to the Bronx

<p>A&nbsp;ride-hailing&nbsp;app for both pets and their owners is now available in the Bronx.</p>

News 12 Staff

Oct 23, 2018, 9:50 AM

Updated 2,007 days ago


A ride-hailing app for both pets and their owners is now available in the Bronx.
The app SpotOn launched a month ago in New York City and it matches pet owners with a driver for a scheduled ride anywhere in the five boroughs.
The cars have special seat liners and harnesses to buckle pets in.
People using the app must schedule the ride two hours before its needed, whether it's for a vet appointment or just going to the park.
"What I'm noticing is that everyone is like ‘oh my God, thank you so much where have you been all my life?’ And it's the same issue that I had so it resonates I couldn't get a ride. That's why I started this, people now want to use it because they can't get a ride to where they want to go," says app creator Aparna Srinivasan. 
The company says it will match your pet's size to a vehicle that will best fit. For example, for a large dog like a Great Dane, the company will send out an SUV instead. 

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