Rising water leaves gym partially submerged

 A Marble Hill gym is filled with rising water -- and not all of it is from Tuesday's downpours.
Matthew Johnson, owner of Astral Fitness, located at 5500 Broadway, says he walked into the center around 4 a.m. Wednesday to find water flowing into the basement and equipment underwater. He said the water was rising about a half-inch every hour.
At one point, they were pumping out water at up to 300 gallons per minute to get rid of the "pool."
Johnson says he thinks the flooding might be due to a water main leak stemming from nearby construction. He called the Department of Buildings around 7:30 a.m. Wednesday. In the afternoon, a representative of the building's owner says they contracted their own crew to start looking into the problem.
A city crew did show up to the gym around 5:30 p.m.
Johnson says all of the gym's 820 members were notified about the efforts to dry out the gym and return it to normal.
The gym has been around for 18 years.