Riverdale activists call for flagpole's restoration, relocation to more visible site

Some Riverdale residents have come together to push for the restoration of an old flagpole.

News 12 Staff

Jul 5, 2020, 11:37 PM

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Some Riverdale residents have come together to push for the restoration of an old flagpole.
The flagpole without a flag sits on a patch of grass just off the Henry Hudson Parkway where West 239th Street meets Riverdale Avenue.
The community members that are pushing for its restoration also want to move it across the street to a patch of shrubbery where they say it can be more visible and closer to the Riverdale monument at Bell Tower Park.
Richard Feldman says the flag is in honor of World War I service members, among others. He says the flag should represent where this nation came from and where it's going.
"Not to have the flag here is to say we don't have that conversation," Feldman says, who adds that he has been raising money for its restoration, but that no one wants to claim the project.
According to reports, the flagpole is currently on property controlled by the New York City Department of Transportation.
The flagpole was erected by Riverdale residents in 1955, according to its plaque.
"It's a flag for everybody, so anyone who wants to describe what it means to them, they can," says Alisha Diamond.
A statement from Bronx Councilman Andy Cohen's office reads: "A new flagpole at the Riverdale Memorial Bell Tower would be a meaningful way to strengthen our community and honor our service members for their sacrifice. I'm grateful to the members of the Riverdale community who brought this idea to my office and look forward to working with the city and the community to restore this important piece of history."
News 12 is waiting to hear back from the New York City Department of Transportation about what could be done to restore the flagpole.

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