Robbery at mosque leaves Bronx Muslim Center congregants on edge

The donation box that was stolen last Sunday was intended to feed the congregants of the mosque after the conclusion of Ramadan.

News 12 Staff

Mar 29, 2023, 9:24 PM

Updated 445 days ago


A Bronx mosque has been the target of thieves twice in recent weeks, with the latest robbery taking place this past weekend.  
The imam at the Bronx Muslim Center in Kingsbridge says that as worshippers are celebrating the month of Ramadan, they’re now feeling uneasy following the most recent robbery incident.  
The suspect in the robbery spoke to the imam in the afternoon last Sunday before allegedly returning at night and taking the mosque’s donation box. The donation box is especially important during Ramadan because the money placed inside was going to feed the worshippers after their days of fasting.  
“This mosque is a small little mosque, a humble mosque,” said Safat Chowdhury, a congregant of the mosque. “It has its doors open for everybody, but unfortunately, time after time, people come and steal shoes, they come and steal money.” 
The imam told News 12 that thankfully the mosque has not seen a slowdown of observing Muslims since the robberies.

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