Sacred Heart University graduate receives more than just her degree on graduation day

Keegan Pepin knew graduation day for her was finally here, but she had no idea how big the day would become.

News 12 Staff

May 25, 2023, 7:06 AM

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A Sacred Heart University graduate received much more than her degree on her graduation day.
When Keegan Pepin woke up Sunday morning, she knew it was going to be a big day -- graduation day for her was finally here... but she had no idea how big the day would become.
Little did she know, her entire family, along with the university, came up with a secret plan to reunite her with her twin sister, Katelyn, who was at the U.S. Naval Academy.
Twins have a special bound and Keegan and Katelyn are no exception.
The last time they saw each other was nearly six months ago and they would not have seen each other until at least December.
It is tough to take, as FaceTiming is not the same as a face to face interaction.
Keegan was told she had been invited to come to the president's apartment for a meet-and-greet.
It was not the case, but something so much more.
"I don't even have words right now. I did not expect her to be here whatsoever. I'm just so happy. She's the one person I wanted here," a teary-eyed Keegan told News 12 Connecticut.
"I love you so much," Keegan said as she embraced Katelyn.
The moment was like Keegan and Katelyn were the only two people in the room.
Their mother, Casey Pepin, had no words either.
"It couldn't get any better than that. This is exactly what she needed," she said.
"I'm really proud of you," a teary-eyed Katelyn told Keegan.
News 12 Connecticut asked Keegan and Katelyn what would be the first thing they were going to do together. They said leave the school, get in the car and head home for a three-hour trip to New Hampshire and just talk.

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