Self-proclaimed “Lion Queen” joins News 12 to discuss trying to enter Bronx Zoo lion exhibit ... again

News 12 spoke with the woman who was caught on video last Thursday trying to enter the Bronx Zoo lion exhibit - for the second time.

News 12 Staff

Nov 16, 2021, 12:07 PM

Updated 979 days ago


A woman was caught on video trying to get into the lion exhibit at the Bronx Zoo for a second time last week. She recently spoke with News 12 about why she keeps making these attempts.
Myah Autry – who calls herself the “Lion Queen” - was caught on video attempting to get into the exhibit last on Nov. 11, and was throwing money and roses at the animals.
When asked about the cash she was holding during the interview, Autry told News 12 it is “just who she is."
This isn’t Autry’s first time dealing with lions – two years ago, she pleaded guilty to a trespass violation for also trying to get close to the lions in the exhibit and was banned for a year. 
“The king couldn’t take his eyes off me” she said. “I did my dance for him. I threw $100 bills. All $100 bills. And 12 dozen roses I bought him.”
Autry has not said if she plans to turn herself in but said that with law enforcement she “will go through it”.

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