Sen. Menendez voices concerns over Iranian nuclear program

Sen. Bob Menendez commented on Friday regarding the Biden administration’s efforts to salvage talks with Iran and other countries over the Iranian nuclear program.
I ran says it can build a nuclear bomb but does not intend to just yet.
Menendez was a strong opponent of the Iranian deal that former President Barack Obama negotiated – a deal that former President Donald Trump withdrew from.
“I thought it was a bad deal then, it can only be a worse deal now,” Menendez told News 12. “The Iranians have already developed two-thirds of what I believe they need for a bomb. One is the missiles to carry a bomb to its destination, two is the right amount of fissile material. They're on the brink of doing that, according to public reports.”
Menendez also criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to Iran this week, calling Putin's meetings there with the Iranian and Turkish president a "trio of evil."