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Sen. Richard Blumenthal urges Meta to halt sales of recalled infant product on Facebook Marketplace

Sen. Richard Blumenthal is calling on Meta to stop the sale of Boppy's Newborn Lounger, a recalled baby product linked to over 25 infant deaths.

News 12 Staff and Colin Schwager

Aug 7, 2023, 10:54 AM

Updated 347 days ago


Sen. Richard Blumenthal is urging Meta, the parent company of Facebook Marketplace, to halt the sale of a recalled infant product known as Boppy's Newborn Lounger, which he asserts has been repeatedly associated with infant deaths.
"Boppy's Newborn Loungers are among the kinds of baby pillows sold on Facebook Marketplace, that have caused more than 25 deaths over recent years, and Facebook Marketplace continues to enable sale of these recalled products," Blumenthal said.
The senator emphasized that the product's design poses a suffocation risk to infants. He advises parents to be aware of the product's name and avoid purchasing it, due to its hazardous nature.

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