Shopping on Cyber Monday? Here are some tips to get the best and most safe deals.

Today is Cyber Monday, the day you snatch all the deals from the comfort of your computer.
Cyber Monday is the day online shoppers are scrolling through websites trying to grab that great deal. Lucky for everyone, with today's cold weather, shoppers won't even need to bundle up and head outdoors since they can do it simply from the comfort of their couch.
However, shoppers should act fast because deals can sell out more quickly online due to them being accessible to everyone everywhere. Cyber Monday is expected to increase to $3 billion in sales this year.
The Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend was officially dubbed Cyber Monday back in 2005 and has been growing ever since. Retail experts say mobile and social media play a bigger role in shopping online nowadays.
Shoppers should keep in mind of the safety precautions when looking for deals. Cyber security experts say always use a credit card that has some sort of fraud protection and try and avoid using a debit card linked directly to a checking account. Also, don't shop on public Wi-Fi networks so hackers can't get financial information. Lastly, they say to shop from reputable brand name online retailers to avoid getting scammed.
With supply chain issues and a worker shortage, shoppers may want to grab those deals today instead of waiting until the last minute this holiday season.