Should parents hesitate on taking their kids trick-or-treating this year?

After nearly every aspect of spooky season was put on pause last year due to the pandemic, this year Dr. Anthony Fauci has given the go ahead for ghosts and goblins to once again go trick or treating. A pediatric infectious disease doctor at Montefiore says it's all about taking the proper precautions.
"A Halloween costume mask is probably not going to offer the protection that the mask you would send your child to school with," says Dr. Margaret Aldrich.
Dr. Aldrich says unvaccinated children need to wear masks in addition to their costume, and that it's important to keep all activities outdoors and avoid crowded events or parades if possible.
"Keep the pod of children to either the household or the close group of kids that are always together."
She says it's also important to remember to wash those hands before kids dig into their treats.
"If your child is going to eat the candy, it's a good idea to unwrap it and then clean the hands."
While medical professionals are giving trick or treating the green light this year, parents we spoke to have mixed feelings.
"I think it's too soon," says Eric Barron of Parkchester. "With everything that's going on right now I just think that we have to take the precautionary measures and just be on the safe side."
While another dad says he plans to dress like a clown with his daughter, mask up and get out.
"I believe that they need that. Them being cooped up in the houses for a while, we all need some air," says Christopher Soto.
As for Thanksgiving and Christmas, Dr. Aldrich says it's all about adults who are around kids being vaccinated to assure a safe holiday season and reduce risk.