Sing For Hope pianos make special appearance in NYC

The “Sing For Hope” pianos made their return today in lower Manhattan, at 28 Liberty.
The one-day special event took place for all ages to enjoy, witth a chance to play painted musical works of art.
"Our dream is sort of for this army of harmony to really be everywhere, that you can always find that way to connect through music,” said Sing For Hope co-founder Camille Zamora.
Ten of the pianos were back for the first time since the pandemic hit, with some even hand painted by select artists from around the world. Zamora called them the ‘special sauce of New York’, and they are a major part of Sing For Hope’s public arts program, which brings pianos to public places for all to enjoy.
"I don't have a piano at home so it feels great to be able to, you know, play the real thing and play it loudly and in front of all these great buildings and great people,” said Brooklyn’s Mark Delia. Delia told News 12 he played the Sing For Hope pianos for a few years and even took the day off to just have the experience again. Because of COVID, he wasn’t sure being able to play the pianos again would happen again.
"There's something about them that's just so true to our spirit,” added Zamora. “I think they are about color and resilience and diversity and vibrance.”
"These are like living and talking art,” said Nubur Nishith, a volunteer piano artist. “You can play and you can experience that art.”
After their public appearances, the pianos are donated to schools, hospitals and community centers to live on for years to come.