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Small Hold helps distribute fresh mushrooms to local stores around the city

One company is farming mushrooms in Brooklyn and is getting them on the shelves of local stores.

News 12 Staff

Jan 22, 2021, 1:25 PM

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One company is farming mushrooms in Brooklyn and is getting them on the shelves of local stores.
Andrew Carter is the founder and CEO of Small Hold, a facility where they have created the conditions to grow 11 different types of mushrooms. 
“What that allows us to do is offer mushrooms that people aren't normally buying. and so royal trumpets or yellow oysters. They're these mushrooms that just are really bad at shipping,” said Carter. 
The mushrooms get packaged at Small Hold and sent to two dozen locations around the city. 
“Most other mushrooms, they're picked within weeks usually by the time you get it and so they are decomposing, they are less nutritious. They can be slimy. It's a whole different experience from when you have a local product like Small Hold to something that's been shipped from elsewhere,” said Carter. 
Small Hold has even created small kits that people can order to grow their own mushrooms at home. 
“The mushrooms grow very quickly, and so once you receive it, if you start the process it should take between six and seven days to get your mushrooms out of it,” said Carter. 
They provide all of the instructions and say the kit can produce anywhere from 3 to 4 pounds of mushrooms.

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