‘Sole Power:’ After-school program brings moms, kids together through exercise

Bronx moms and their children are jumping in the ring afterschool in Morrisania and getting so much more out of it than just a workout.
For the past three Tuesdays, Sanuys Aytch has made it a point to be with her daughter at Urban Scholars Community School.

Her and her daughter meet for “Sole Power,” a new after-school program this year, organized by two teachers, an experienced runner and boxer.
“We want them to know that if they feel strong in this space, they're strong the minute they walk out,” says first-grade teacher Maria Bisono.

The boxing class is made for parents and children, and each week more are showing up.

For Jasmine Curtis, her children and godchild, it's all about self-defense.

“It's helping me protect my children from danger and so they know to protect themselves as young women and men,” says Curtis.

As teachers, women and athletes, they're inspired by the energy each week.
“I think it's important to see women doing athletic things, especially women of color, it's so inspiring they’re so confident they're learning about their bodies,” says second-grade special ed teacher Miyuki Daniels.

Organizers say the program is also quality time between mothers and children, giving them the confidence to tackle whatever comes their way.
Those who would like to donate to the program should email Mbisono3@schools.nyc.gov or Mdaniels3@schools.nyc.gov.