Some residents in Adams Houses say they have had no water for two months

Wednesday marks two months since some residents in the Adams Houses say they have had access to water.  
For resident Sabion Allen and his 16-year-old daughter, the frustration has only grown worse living in his 15th-floor apartment.  
“It’s an ongoing thing. I can’t wash my dishes, mop my floor, clean my bathroom, flush my toilet. I can’t do anything” said Allen, who says this has been a problem since the day after Thanksgiving.  
Allen, his daughter, and every resident who lives above the 12th floor head down to that floor to fill out gallons to fill them up. The water pressure on the 12th floor is high – while every floor above has no water pressure at all.  
News 12 received the following statement from the New York City Housing Authority:  
"We are working with the assigned vendor to locate and repair leaks underground while exploring a potential solution to improve water pressure for affected residents in the meantime. There is currently a water station available for resident-use on Westchester Avenue between buildings 2 and 3." 
Other residents below the 15th floor also tell News 12 they are either dealing with extremely low water pressure or no water at all.
NYCHA is encouraging residents to call their customer contact center at 718-707-7771.