'Something needs to be done': Neighbors want action on sinkhole

A community activist is urging action as a caved-in road in Claremont Village appears to be getting worse.
To passersby on East 169th Street, it looks as if the ground simply opened up. Neighbors say it's not just an eyesore, but a danger to the public.
That's why Sidney Flores placed traffic cones and caution tape around the hole in the road, which is right in front of a community church. Flores first sent a photo of the hole to News 12 on Sunday, and it appeared to have worsened by the very next day.
The hole is also a potential hazard for cars, which are forced to swerve around it.
Flores says it's extremely dangerous, and someone could get hurt.
"I worry about the elderly and the blind. What would happen to them?" says Flores. "Also, it's a lawsuit waiting to happen, and that's taxpayers' dollars that's gonna pay for that. It's just unsafe and something needs to be done."
Flores says he first noticed the hole Sunday, but another person told News 12 that it's been there for at least a month.
News 12 reached out to the Department of Environmental Protection on the issue and is awaiting a response.