Soundview apartment was once a ‘family’ of tenants. Summer fire turned it into a ghost town

Residents who lived in 1471 Watson Ave. say they are still left in the dark after a fire ripped through the sixth floor over the summer.
They say the halls are a ghost town now since many were moved to different homes.
Ramona Montalvo told News 12 that she lived in her home for over two decades. Montalvo says she was told by NYCHA officials that it would take a year to restore her home.
“I couldn’t wait that long, so I decided to take the apartment they gave me,” she said.
Now that she’s relocated, she says she “feels lonely.” Montalvo, along with other tenants, said her old building was like a family. Now, she’s helpless and lost.
Reverend Carmen Rivera, who has been fighting for tenant rights, says only a few people have returned to their homes.
Tenants also said they have been living without gas due to the fire and almost four months. NYCHA says they are still working on restoring it.
As for the residents, NYCHA says those on floors 1-5 have either returned or transferred to a new location. Those on the sixth floor have been temporarily relocated while they await on roof repairs that are set to begin in the new year.