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Spike in jewelry store robberies has Fordham Road business owners on edge

Business owners and merchants along Fordham Road are concerned and calling on the mayor for change after multiple jewelry stores were robbed in the past week.

News 12 Staff

Aug 11, 2022, 9:37 PM

Updated 679 days ago


Business owners and merchants along Fordham Road are concerned and calling on the mayor for change after multiple jewelry stores were robbed in the past week.  
Tension first rose when men stole millions of dollars in jewelry from a Webster Avenue jeweler this past weekend. 
The concerns grew after Revel Jewelry Store was robbed on Wednesday night. Police say the suspects used chemical sprays as a weapon in the robbery. 
They say six people were inside when masked individuals entered the store with a firearm and used a chemical spray. The suspects then used hammers to break display cases and steal jewelry before fleeing the scene. 
Police say some people were taken to the hospital because of reactions from the chemical spray.  
Thieves also stole $2.5 million from Rocco’s Jewelers just a few doors down on Fordham Road.  
The Fordham Business Improvement District says the crime has become increasingly worse along the strip and that stores and vendors are afraid to stay open late for fear of being targeted. 

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