Stamford Department of Health offering new COVID vaccine from Novavax

Officials at the Stamford Department of Health are making a new COVID vaccine available this week.
Stamford health officials say Novavax offers residents another choice for vaccination against COVID-19.
Local doctors hope the new shot is an easier choice for those skeptical of new technology.
Yale Medicine's Dr. Scott Roberts says Novavax works with a dead shell of virus proteins to stimulate the immune response - just like vaccines have been doing for decades.
"It is a different technology than the mRNA technology that had many people concerned with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines,” said Roberts.
For now, supplies in Stamford is limited to 50 two-shot vaccinations, available at the Department of Health's Henry Street clinic, with more supply coming to local health partners and across the state.
Doctors say the new vaccine hasn't been clinically tested yet against Omicron and other new, more infectious variants.
State data says over 90% of adults in Stamford are already vaccinated. Health officials are hoping the new shot brings in some of those reluctant few.
Novavax received its emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration last month.