Stamford PD: Serial burglar caught, confessed to hitting 9 locations

An alleged serial burglar believed to have hit nine businesses in just over a month has been arrested by Stamford police.
Currently, the suspect, Fabio Martinez-Rodriguez, is only charged with breaking into Park View Variety convenience store at Columbus Park. But police told News 12 the 51-year-old man confessed to more break-ins since they started on Sept. 11.
Each of the burglaries had the same pattern, police say. They occurred between 12:30 a.m. and 4 a.m. and a brick or rock was used to break a window. The suspect would check for cash, grab any he found, and be out in under a minute.
Police say it happened again around 3 a.m. Monday, setting off an alarm at Park View Variety.
“The alarm call was dispatched in about 30 seconds,” says Sgt. Sean Scanlan. “Our guys arrived in about a minute. The owner of the store, who also got the notification, was able to come to the store really fast, get the video up.”
From the security footage, police released a description of the suspect to all patrol officers. They found a man matching it a block away, later identified as Martinez-Rodriguez.
Police say Park View Variety was the ninth business Martinez-Rodriguez hit in 37 days. He admitted to all the break-ins when interviewed by investigators, they say. Those locations burglarized are:
9/11, John’s Pizza (162 Grove Street)
9/24, Bachata Restaurant (820 E. Main Street)
9/24, Adams Laundry (777 Atlantic Street)
10/5, Elm Street Market (320 Elm Street)
10/9, Sunshine Cuisine (East Main Street)
10/9, Bedford Street Market (27 Bedford Street)
10/10, Main Street Convenience (199 Main Street)
10/18, Omar Restaurant (210 West Main Street)
10/18, Park View Variety (233 Main Street)
“Once confronted with the information we had, he gave up and was very honest with what he did and how many that he did,” said Scanlan.
Police told News 12 that they will be applying for warrants to arrest Martinez-Rodriguez for the other eight burglaries.
Stamford police say Fabio Martinez-Rodriguez confessed to burglarizing these locations. Stamford police say Fabio Martinez-Rodriguez confessed to burglarizing these locations.