Statewide FAFSA Challenge encourages seniors to apply for federal student aid for college

School just started, but it's already time for some students to begin applying for college. It's expensive, but a statewide challenge is encouraging seniors to apply for federal aid.
FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, which qualifies students for college. It comes in handy since UConn, for example, can now cost $33,000 a year.
Most students never fill out the form, which is why the state created the FAFSA Challenge. Ansonia High School won the challenge.
"They would announce, 'If you sign up for the FAFSA, you can enter a raffle to win a free iPad or a free prom ticket.' And they really started pushing the kids to explain why this is important," said senior Christian Schloemer.
For Gov. Ned Lamont, getting more kids in college is a priority. Students with good grades are now guaranteed admission to state universities, and community college is free in many cases.
Filling out the FAFSA form doesn't commit you to taking out a loan. It just gets you qualified. You can start applying Oct. 1.