STIR/SHAKEN tech aims to combat annoying robocalls

If you have a cellphone, you're likely getting robocalls.
But now some new technology required by the Federal Communications Commission for wireless carriers aims to hang up on those annoying calls.
As of July 2021, wireless carriers are supposed to have implemented new technology called STIR/SHAKEN - a high-tech way to use caller ID to reduce and possibly end scam robocalls. It also will allow law enforcement to better track the scam calls that do get through some wireless carriers.
Verizon says they have had STIR/SHAKEN technology up and running for a while now, and it's reducing annoying calls. Some Long Islanders say no matter what wireless service they have, they're still getting robocalls.
"Very annoying. All times of the day. I ignore them and I ignore them, and they still call back," says Cathy Dragotta, of East Norwich.
During the height of the pandemic, experts say robocall volume went down. That was because in some of the countries where the calls originate, they were locked down and couldn’t make it to their offices. As more lockdowns are lifted, the volume of calls has increased.