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Street vendors rally to demand New York City reform vendor industry

Vendors say nearly 15,000 of them are stuck on waitlists to receive their vendor permits.

Adolfo Carrion

Mar 16, 2023, 9:42 PM

Updated 459 days ago


The New York City Street Vendor Justice Coalition and hundreds of street vendors rallied outside of City Hall Thursday to demand an overhaul of the current street vending industry.  
Vendors say that nearly 15,000 of them are currently on the waitlist for food vendor permits, with some of those people waiting for over a decade.  
They are asking the city to ensure all vendors can access licenses to legally sell goods and for the city to repeal criminal liability for vendors.  
“They are not asking for them to stop enforcement. What they’re asking for is to stop the double enforcement that’s occurring,” said Public Advocate Jumaane Williams. “We also had a law passed to increase the amount of permits, but nothing is being done to get those permits… in the hands of people who need it.” 
The City Council passed legislation in January 2021 that would expand the number of permits over time.  
News 12 has reached out to the Department of Health for a statement regarding this delay and is awaiting a response. 

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