Students make T-shirts for Bronx Native clothing store in Port Morris

A Bronx-inspired apparel store is looking for some creative talent to add to their clothing line.
Third, fourth and fifth-graders from the Bronx Charter School for Children are designing shirts for Bronx entrepreneur Amaurys Grullon’s clothing collection, Bronx Native.
The young artisans say they are getting their inspiration from their everyday environment.
“There's a lot of diversity here and different cultures. I'm looking for students that kind of put that into their art,” says Grullon.

Grullo says he is impressed by what he sees, so far.
“For them to see, yes, there are people in the community making it happen and being successful and making change and doing good, it's important,” says Grullon.

The creative collaboration will end up on the shelves of the Bronx Native store.