Summer program teaches coding to students in the Bronx

A citywide summer program for young children is molding the minds of the next generation in the Bronx.
The Sports and Arts in School Foundation hosts after-school and summer programs citywide to get children ready for the school year ahead and the future to come.
Meetings have been held at C.S. 150 for the last seven weeks, teaching everything from art to technology to about 150 children from kindergarten to fifth grade.
This year's program included teaching students how to code.
Jonas Casimir, a staff member of the program who had also attended the program when he was in the third and fourth grades, says he is impressed with the children and that the future is bright.
"Manipulating the computer in a way that it can create images and make games. That to me is intimidating, but not to them," says Casimir.
The Sports and Arts in School Foundation also hosts free academic after-school programs during the school year.
The group will begin taking applications online in early September. Enrollment is first come, first served.