Sunset Park man found dead in running car covered in snow

A Sunset Park man who was found dead inside his snow-covered car may have died of carbon monoxcide poisoning, according to officials.
Family members discovered the body of Angel Ginel inside his car on Monday. They say several people helped dig their way to the running car, where they found him dead in the driver seat.
Ginel's wife says she last saw him alive Sunday night, when he was shoveling snow with a friend. When he failed to return home, she says she began a frantic search for him.
She and other family members decided to check his silver Lexus, which had been parked a block away from his apartment.
Family members say they think that he dug his way to the car and then became trapped inside by a passing plow, which piled up more snow against the door.
A medical examiner will determine the official cause of death.