Teachers march to protest vaccine mandate in Brooklyn

Teachers gathered in Brooklyn Monday to protest the coronavirus vaccine mandate that is now in effect for New York City school employees.
Demonstrators gathered outside of the Department of Education in Downtown Brooklyn. 
Hundreds of teachers, along with their supporters, are calling on city officials and say the vaccine mandate is unjust. 
Demonstrators chanted “Shut it Down” and “Arrest Meisha Porter.” 
Some tell News 12 they are not against the vaccine in general, but that they are against the vaccine coercion. 
They say they don’t have a problem with weekly COVID-19 testing but are livid that the option was taken away. 
Others stated that they don’t trust the vaccine and believe it is irresponsible for the city to force the vaccine on them. 
The DOE says that vaccinations are the strongest tool in the fight against COVID-19 and that the vaccine mandate will keep city schools safe and healthy.