Teachers plead with school board for better resources

Teachers of a charter school in the Bronx are pleading with the school board to improve their learning environment.
The Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls Charter School is meant to offer the best experience in learning, but teachers say it has become harder each year because they are hindered by the supplies they are given. They say there are nearly 400 students with only five Chromebooks per classroom and sometimes no working smartboard.
Teachers add that the ceilings are falling apart, and ripped books are so frequent that teachers are forced to tape them back together.
Their requests to the school’s board of trustees has come up empty-handed.
Both teachers and parents say they just want to be listened to and given the proper resources to teach these girls.
Paul O’Neill, the spokesperson for the board, says in response, “BGLIG values the perspective and input of everyone in the school community, and will continue to engage with parents, teachers and other stakeholders as it navigates the challenges to effectively serving and empowering young women."