Tenants at Morrisania building say management ignores requests for quality-of-life fixes

Tenants living at 530 E 169th Street say they are enraged with their living conditions and management's lack of action. 
Among the list of concerns shared by tenants are no hot water, no heat, broken elevators and the building’s lack of security. Some tenants told News 12 that they have lived there for decades and watched their quality of life go downhill.
The city’s Department of Buildings and NYC Housing Preservation and Development confirmed that the property has multiple violations, including boiler and elevator maintenance. When News 12 reached out to management for a statement this was what they had to say:
"I'm glad to break their lease and assist with the moving fee if they find somewhere they would like to move. If wanting to stay, bring their rent up to date and help their neighbors too." 
Sean Margiela, who spoke on behalf of the buildings management, says they are addressing the violations. Residents say they will stay united in this fight for a more comfortable home.