'Terror on Totten' serves up the scares in time for Halloween

With Halloween less than a week away, a Fort Totten, Queens, attraction is serving up the scares to residents.
The "Terror on Totten" is not for the faint of heart. NYPD Inspector Frank DiGiacamo is the mastermind behind it all.
"It's a way to do something good with the police and kids together," DiGiacamo says.
The first floor is for small kids who can't make it upstairs, where things get real and where there are terrors that will make participants scream in fear.
While many are terrified, they walk out smiling, and that is what DiGiacomo says is the goal.
"When they go through the first door, they're frightened, but when they come down the stairs, they're all smiles and that's the most important thing, having a great time," DiGiacomo says.
Those who head to "Terror on Totten" have to be 12 or older to attend, but it is complete free.
For more information, visit the Terror on Totten website.