Testimony resumes in ex-Spring Valley building inspector's trial following dismissal of felony charges

Testimony resumed Thursday afternoon in the trial of a former Spring Valley building inspector - two days after felony charges against him were dismissed.
News 12 was at Rockland County Court as Ray Canario's trial continued. He now only faces misdemeanor charges.
On Thursday, Canario's defense called Evan Humphrey, a fire inspector and arson investigator who worked in the Spring Valley Building Department for several years before leaving in 2022.
Humphrey testified the department was disorganized and low on manpower. He had positive things to say about Canario's personality.
The prosecution objected to questioning Canario's mindset after the fatal Evergreen fire in March 2021 because of relevancy. Judge Kevin Russo sustained.
There were a handful more moments like that, and at one point,  Canario appeared upset.
During cross-examination, the prosecution brought up a report filled out by Canario and questioned its accuracies.
Canario, a former Spring Valley building inspector, is now facing three misdemeanor counts of offering a false instrument for filing. 
Canario is accused of submitting false reports to the state about inspections conducted at the Evergreen Court Home for Adults between 2017 and 2019.
The charges had been brought after a fire at the facility in March 2021 that claimed the life of resident Oliver Hueston and volunteer firefighter Jared Lloyd.
The two-year mark of that deadly fire approaches next week.
As News 12 reported, Judge Kevin Russo dismissed charges against former Spring Valley Building Inspector and Public Works Director Wayne Ballard earlier this year.