The Download: Amber X

The Amber X aims to give its users full control of their own videos, files, photos and other data.
Inside a tiny box is basically your own personal cloud that you own in your home.
The Amber X app also allows you to easily upload all your photos and files from mobile devices or computers via Wi-Fi from anywhere in the world. From there, you control who has access to them with top-of-the-line encryption.
The Amber X has 500 gigabytes solid-state storage onboard. The key is its expandable with any standard USB hard drive, so say goodbye to paying monthly cloud storage fees.
Amber X also has artificial intelligence features, such as facial recognition and smart organizational skills.
In addition, it’s a streaming media server, so you can easily watch videos or photos on your home TV. It’s an easy way to own, protect and organize your digital memories, with no fees.
The Amber X is $169.