The End: 'Fortnite' disappears into black hole

UPDATE - 10/15/19: Fortnite is back online, beginning Season 11 and the start of 'Chapter 2.'  Full details here.
It's one of the most popular video games in the world – but millions of gamers can't play!
'Fortnite' celebrated its season 10 finale Sunday with an event called "The End" before it launches season 11.
Something unexpected happened around 2 p.m.
A rocket blew up the island where Fortnite takes place - blowing up the in-game landscape - and dragging players into a black hole.
Players were left with a mostly dark screen, a spinning black hole, and no way to play.
Tens of thousands of people kept watching the game's livestream to see what would happen.
Then a series of numbers started to show up in the void, causing Fortnite fans all over the internet to speculate on the meaning. Theories included coordinates to a new map or a countdown to when season 11 starts.
But the players eventually figured out that the numbers corresponded to a series of audio files that were already present in the game and that they were actually a message: “I was not alone. Others were outside the loop. This was not calculated. The nothing is inevitable.”
It is not currently known as to what the message refers to.
There's no word on how long the outage will last, although there is some speculation among fans that the outage will end early Tuesday morning.