The Hub dubbed 'Hub of Heroin' by some residents

The area of the Bronx known as the Hub is being dubbed the "Hub of Heroin" by some residents who say they're dealing with an epidemic.
Community members say drugs are taking over the area and it's time for it to stop.
"This place is a colossal mess, 24/7," says resident Denton Lloyd. "Wherever you go, every open space, every bench, everywhere."
Sister Patrice Owens, of Immaculate Conception School, says students are forced to walk unsafe streets with needles, drug users and piles of feces.
"This is an issue that we see on a daily basis and being that we see it on a daily basis we get numb to it, we just accept it,” said Bianca Colon, a resident in Mott Haven. “It's about time that we don't become numb to it and that we do something about it. "
Many say they want officials to step up and do something to help make the area safe again.
News 12 reached out to the Bronx Borough President’s Office, which said, "We are aware. We are in regular contact with the police, the BID and local elected officials about the issue. People there need help, and our office is involved in efforts to make that happen."