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The New Normal: COVID restrictions are changing at Disney - what to know before booking a trip

Disney is lifting the mask mandates at its parks for vaccinated guests.

News 12 Staff

Jun 16, 2021, 1:03 AM

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With vaccination rates going up and cases going down, this summer is expected to be great for the travel industry. Businesses and venues are looking to make back money they lost last year and are counting on people coming.
Disneyland in California is lifting the mask mandate for vaccinated guests and welcoming out-of-of state guests. Disney World in Orlando is also ditching the masks and holding guests to the honor system.
Travel agent Derin Lisi, who works at Rope Drop Travel in New Jersey, says there's been a jump in vacations for Disney since there has been a vaccine. She says now that you don't have to wear a mask, more people are wanting to go.
"There's an uptick in people wanting to go especially now that the fireworks are back," says Lisi.
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Some of the most common questions Lisi still gets is about masks. She says people want to know if they have to wear it on the plane and on buses. She says the answer is yes, it is still required.
If you plan to travel with kids, try to take part in some low-risk activities. Some parents are also concerned about whether they should fly with their kids or travel in other ways.
Lisi says the airlines do require masks, so some parents get concerned. Lisi says the kids are usually pretty good about wearing a mask.
Lisi also reminds people that if they want to go on a cruise, they need to get vaccinated. She says some people are still hesitant though.
People who work from home are also taking their remote offices to their vacation destination - so they get a vacation without using any time off.

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