The New Normal: How have workplaces evolved since the beginning of the pandemic?

News 12's Elizabeth Hashagen was joined this morning by Bhushan Sethi and Josie Cox to talk about how workplaces have evolved since the beginning of the pandemic.
Amazon will let some employees work remotely indefinitely. The company says it expects there will be teams that continue working mostly remotely and others that will work some combination of remotely and in the office, while still others will decide customers are best served having the team work mostly in the office.
PwC announced on Oct. 1 that its 40,000 client service employees will have the option to work virtually from anywhere in the country on a permanent basis.
How are workplaces evolving and giving more flexibility to workers?
Recent data looking specifically at burnout in women is concerning. According to a LinkedIn survey of almost 5,000 Americans, 74% of women said they were very or somewhat stressed for work-related reasons, compared with just 61% of employed male respondents.