The New Normal: What can travelers expect this Thanksgiving week?

Holiday travelers are hitting the road, rails and skies this week, ahead of Thanksgiving weekend.
Travel experts predict this year's crowds to rival those of 2019, the last Thanksgiving before the pandemic. Remote work is allowing some travelers to leave earlier or return home later, spreading out the holiday rush over more days than usual.
Transportation Security Administration screened nearly 2.33 million travelers on Sunday, surpassing the 2.32 million on the Sunday before Thanksgiving in 2019.
AAA predicts that nearly 55 million people in the U.S. will travel at least 50 miles from home this week, an increase over last year and only 2% less than in 2019.
Airlines say they're ready for crowds and aim to avoid a repeat of widespread delays and cancellations over some holiday weekends in late spring and early summer.
News 12's Rich Barrabi was joined by Robert Sinclair Jr., of AAA Northeast, and Jan Jones, of Pompea College of Business at the University of New Haven, for a conversation on Thanksgiving travel.
AP wire services contributed to this report.