The New Normal: What's the future of cannabis sales in the tri-state area?

News 12's Elizabeth Hashagen was joined by New York's Cannabis Control Board Chair Tremaine Wright and New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission Chair Dianna Houenou to talk about the future of marijuana in the tri-state.
New Jersey, New York and Connecticut recently legalized adult-use recreational marijuana after years of failed attempts.
The first recreational sales are expected to start Thursday in New Jersey.
New York and Connecticut have not set start dates.
New York is rolling out the next wave of Cannabis Conversations, the state's first public health education campaign on cannabis. The campaign started April 4 with a general overview message on the law, who can use cannabis, where to use cannabis and how to consume safely. Ads announced today double down on the risks of driving while impaired, preventing youth use, storing cannabis safely and reminding New Yorkers to keep their cannabis smoke away from others.