The Real Deal: Tips to help you trim down your budget

The Real Deal: Tips to help you trim down your budget

Stop wasting your money! It's time to keep track of your spending - from food subscription services to cellphone bills.
Are you caught in a money trap? News 12's consumer reporter Janice Lieberman has ways to help you trim down your budget.


Banks are in the business of making money, off your money. Check bank fees and your monthly spending habits. Use your own bank's ATM whenever possible to avoid being charged extra. Does your bank charge you for checking and savings? If so make a change to an institution that doesn't. Look for a maintenance free account.


If you have been enticed by streaming services' free trials, it's time to cancel if you don't feel the fee is worth it. Those charges add up and you probably haven't even noticed.


Food costs have gone up, and studies say 40% of food we purchase we never eat! Check your fridge before you head to the market to see what you already have.


Like most services, the cost of home and auto insurance goes up. If you have been with the same company shop around, another way to save is to bundle your car and homeowners insurance, or increase your deductible.


Is your gym membership working out? Are you using it? If you're not, you should cancel it.


With all services - you can always ask the agent for a discount. If they want your business, they may work with you.
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