‘This building needs to come down.’ Rat infestation forces Bronx resident out of apartment

A Bronx resident says she was forced to move out of her apartment complex after she dealt with a rat infestation for over a year.
Crystal Colon has lived in the Mount Hope apartment complex for nearly 15 years. However, she says the space became unlivable due to a severe rat infestation.
Colon showed News 12 video of rats she saw in the apartment while she was packing up to move last week.
Not only is she disturbed by seeing and hearing the rats, she says they left her physically ill.
Colon says she started developing a head-to-toe rash after she learned about how serious the infestation had become.
"Red face…mouth itchy…eyes itchy. My eyes are damaged. My whole face is damaged,” she says.
Colon says her landlord is ignoring her calls for help so now she’s left couch surfing.
"It's everyone in the building. Management is just dismissing my emails...this building needs to come down,” she says.
Colon says it's become difficult to enter or exit the building at any point of the night because the rats have also infested the lobby of the building.
The company who manages the building told News 12 it had no comment.