‘This feels like third world:’ Residents want body of water in Riverdale gone

‘This feels like third world:’ Residents want body of water in Riverdale gone

A body of water in Riverdale that was never supposed to be there has residents fuming.
They say the water along Old Albany Post Road has become a health hazard and are begging for city and state officials to help. 

"This feels like third world honestly, if you continue further down there are gigantic craters you have to navigate to make sure your car doesn't get destroyed," says resident Luis Malave.

City Councilman Andrew Cohen says he is working to fix the issues, sending News 12 a statement saying in part, "The people who live on Old Albany Post Road are desperate for help and the state has had over 20 years to act. The state needs to take action now with both a short-term plan for relief and a long-term solution that ensures these issues will finally end."  

State Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz also put pressure on the New York State Office of General Services who owns the property.

Dinowitz says in a statement, "I am optimistic that we are closer to a solution than we have been in a very long time, but urge both the city and state government to step up and resolve this urgent and immediate risk to public health and safety."

Sources tell News 12 options are being explored, including transferring the property to the city or selling it to adjoining landowners. They say getting the land to highway standards would cost millions of dollars.

Councilman Cohen and Assemblyman Dinowitz say they will continue to work with multiple government agencies to get rid of this body of water, once and for all.