‘This is 2022, not 2020.’- Mayor Eric Adams delivers first address to New Yorkers

New York City Mayor Eric Adams delivered his first address to New Yorkers on Saturday.
Adams, a former New York City police captain, is now the second Black mayor of the nation’s most populous city.
The mayor thanked frontline workers and said that “New York is not closed” in his address.
Adams also stressed the importance of getting vaccinated.
“Our government has been dysfunctional for far too long,” said Adams. “Now is the time to be radically practical, because a better city is not about doing something new, it’s about doing it right.”
Adams announced that the theme for his first 100 days is “GSD: Get Stuff Done.” He says he is going to provide more resources to stop crime and reforming police departments.
“This is 2022, not 2020,” said Adams while discussing the spike in coronavirus cases and expressing his vision for a “safe and healthy city.”