Throggs Neck gym trains clients to give back this Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, while some were giving thanks, volunteers at the Fitt 4 Life training gym in Throggs Neck spent their morning giving back.
"One of the best things we can do at Thanksgiving is not only to be grateful for what we're given," said Rita Hoang, a volunteer at Thursday's giveaway event. "But if we can help just one person, I think it brings a lot of joy."
Volunteers like Hoang packed up hundreds of meals Thursday, along with essential items like hats, gloves, scarves and handwarmers. The items will be donated to The Living Room, a homeless shelter in the Bronx.
"It makes me feel good to know that while we're eating, the people that are homeless are warm and that they have food," said Ayden, an 11-year-old volunteer.
The initial goal was to give out 150 packages to families in need. However, after seeing such a great turnout at the giveaway event, that number doubled.
"It kind of brings a whole new appreciation to Thanksgiving," said John Levoli, the co-owner of Fitt 4 Life Training. "There's some happiness and pride in the fact that we help people as we train them and help them get fit, but we [also] help people even if they don't come here."