Throggs Neck residents meet with police to find solution to late-night loud music issues

Residents in Throggs Neck have been complaining for weeks about loud music playing in their neighborhood late at night. And now they are taking a stand.
Those fed up, met with police at the 45th Precinct to figure ways to stop the nuisance.
Residents tell News 12 the neighborhood has dealt with noise complaints for years. But they’ve become increasingly worse the last few weeks, ranging from loud music to cars racing.
"It's a disruption to the neighborhood,” said John Cortese. “I’ve been here all my life. I have pride in my community, and I don't wanna be chased away from the community that I grew up in.”
The 45th Precinct and 311 have received over 2,000 complaints since June in the area. Last weekend, they issued 33 summonses alone and seized three cars and one motorcycle.
Some in attendance at the community meeting acknowledged that the noise is affecting their everyday life.
"You can't sleep at night,” said Carole Dechiara. “We have really nice weather right now, you want to sleep with your windows open. so nobody can sleep, we're returning to work and it's a problem."
Officers at the 45th Precinct say they will have 60 more officers on call this holiday weekend to help resolve the problem. They also advise concerned residents to keep calling 311 even if their complaint tickets are closed.