Tips to stay healthy during huge temperature swings

Brookdale Hospital’s chief nursing officer Jeanine Frumenti says the huge swings in temperature lately can have an effect on your health.
"There's a reality to it, there's a change or effect in your immune system, so that's the reason why people get sick,” she says.
She recommends regulating body temperatures by taking layers on and off, eating well, staying hydrated, getting at least seven hours of sleep and taking multivitamins to stave off illnesses.
Frumenti says to use hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes – especially in the office environment.
"The minute after you use a hand sanitizer, if you touch something, your hands are contaminated again. So many of us are guilty of touching something and then touching our face," she says.
Frumenti also suggests an air purifier to make sure irritants in the home or office aren't creating cold-like symptoms.