'Tour de Bronx' bike ride set for Sunday

The Tour de Bronx bike ride through the borough will take place Sunday, Oct. 25. 
Bike riding is a popular and relatively cost effective way to get around the Bronx.
Peter Ahn, the store manager at Westchester Bicycle Pro Shop, says the Bronx has a devote group of cyclists.
"People who come here, they get here by bicycle or by train. They don't have to drive here, to be honest," says Ahn.
For Ahn, that has been the key to the shop's 40-plus years of success.
With The Tour de Bronx coming up, the sport is seeing a rise in popularity, especially within the senior community.
"A lot of people who are older because there's less impact on the knees than running," says Ahn.
Ahn says participants in the 25 or 40-mile ride should check the air pressure in the bike's tires before they ride.