Travelers take precautions as travel ban goes into effect for South Africa due to omicron variant

The U.S. travel ban on South Africa went into effect on Monday as a precautionary measure against the omicron COVID-19 variant.
Flights can usually be seen arriving from and departing to South Africa at Terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy International Airport, but this will no longer be the case as long as the ban is in effect. It’s unclear how long it will last.
The ban impacts non-citizens entering the U.S. from South Africa and several other countries.
People in New York City have mixed reactions to the ban.
The African People Alliance in the Bronx calls the ban disturbing and xenophobic. They believe South Africans are being disproportionately affected.
While the omicron variant has not been detected in the U.S. yet, many travelers at JFK Airport told News 12 they’re not overly concerned but still taking precautions.
President Joe Biden continues to tell Americans that omicron isn’t a cause for panic but for concern.